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The Great Resignation: Part 3 - Be the Khakis

You’ve joined the Great Resignation and with the help of your coach you have landed the new career or job of your dreams. Now what? How can you be the leader you always knew you could be? How can you be the manager you always wished you had? You are no longer a passenger. Be the change. Do what you love!

Start with the Easy

Starting a job is daunting. I have a scary graphic I show new leaders about the 42 skills & competencies you will rely on as a leader organized around Self, Others, and Tasks. Let me repeat: 42. It's daunting. But when I work with leaders, we always start with where they are the most confident. Contrary to what some assume, what doesn't scare you is where you start and is your greatest opportunity.

There is a great book called Eat That Frog that is meant to deal with the components of procrastination (i.e., doing the hardest thing and the thing you hate the most first). This is not a time for eating frogs. This is the time for downhill skiing in a snowstorm or whatever your equivalent is that gets your norepinephrine, dopamine, anandamide, serotonin, and endorphins going and puts you into Flow.

Make a Plan

What do you do better than anyone else in the world? Start there and start on Day 1. And then make a plan. There is sometimes confusion between doing what you are great at and having to work hard at what you are great at! I admire the books about first 30:60:90-day plans - there is a lot to do the first 90 days. I prefer to think bigger and here is why: First, 30 days is fast. Second, ALWAYS be listening (a popular recommendation for the first 30 days). Third, the good stuff begins to happen at and beyond 90 days.

I like to think about 3, 6 and 9 months.

· What are your goals for your first 90 days? What is your plan for getting there?

· What tools do you have to solve the big problems? Who can help you?

· What about 6 months in? What habits are holding you back? What are the roadblocks?

· What tools do you have? What aren’t you seeing?

· If you haven't accomplished what you set out to do in 9-months: reevaluate quickly.

What you Cannot See

Leaders, like all humans, have blind spots. What can’t you see that is getting in your way? There are lots of ways to identify these things. My superpower as your coach is to identify your blind spot. I am inclined (and trained) to look beyond what you say to see what is not said - a great way to notice a blindspot. Your team is another great resource. Don’t ask your “boss” for feedback, ask the person who calls you “boss.” You’ll get some clear ideas and begin to understand your own blind spots.

Be the Change

I have clients who are stressed out right now because of this thing called the annual performance review. For three or four months out of the year, there is no risk taking and stress is very high. One of my clients has told me he wished there were no performance-based bonuses for engineers. That it is not only non-motivational but is also de-motivational. He believes that engineers need to be able to take risks and pivot quickly if something is not working. As he moves through to the most senior levels of leadership, he has the power to change the performance review process or eliminate it all together for his organization. Bold moves are part of the job now.

Habits take time to establish and time to break. Getting the Director or VP title isn't the end. It's the beginning. Where will your road lead? You don't have to go alone. I have experience working with clients to find their voice and lead boldly and resiliently.

Contact me at to reconnect or set up a consultation! I coach virtually and locally in person using outdoor venues. I'd love to help you be the khakis!

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