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Why Tracy

If you are looking for a coach who is experienced, direct, and relatable, I’d love to help move you ahead! My strengths based and feedback dependent coaching process is both effective and time efficient. I don't take up your time needlessly and your results will be visible and measurable. I've been where you are and can be your advocate as you navigate the fast paced, always-on, and increasingly remote culture of today's work places. Please message me and we can set up a free assessment and consultation! 

Founder & Certified Executive Coach
- Tracy Akresh  Stone


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Let’s collaborate to achieve your greatest leadership challenges. 


Tracy combines business experience with coaching and development tools to maximize impact. Early in her career, Tracy held consulting and managerial positions at large companies such as Ernst & Young, JPMorgan and Hewlett Packard, and at start-ups including Esurance and POPSUGAR.

She got into coaching because of her fascination with people; how they are similar, how they different and how it takes all types to make companies run successfully. She has a particular expertise in personality, leadership, employee engagement and  behavioral styles.

As a coach, Tracy has a proven track record of creating positive outcomes with executives and teams in marketing, finance, operations and engineering at top start-up and diverse enterprises in Tech, Financial Services, Health-Care, Energy and Non-Profits.

She has business degrees from both Wharton and Michigan and is a Certified Professional Coach (CPC) from the College of Executive Coaching.

Tracy lives, works and plays in San Francisco.

"Tracy’s  enriched life adventures, and cross-functional corporate experience enable her to empathize, quickly grasp core of the issues and come up with enlightened revelations."

Susan, Sr. Manager at Huawei Technologies


Tracy's coaching has a foundation in the principles of positive psychology and a core belief that every client can improve by understanding and developing their own unique set of strengths. She starts with what is good, what is working and what to do more of. She helps you imagine what is possible! 

Tracy utilizes comprehensive goal setting, the Shift+ narrative 360 process, the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator(MBTI®), Berens' Interaction Styles, Values in Action (VIA) signature strengths, the Skill Kit for Leaders (SKL) and other emotional intelligence assessments to propel a profound self-discovery. The discovery is supported by an action plan that leads the way through the path to success.



Tracy is a Highly Credentialed and Certified Practitioner


She earned a Bachelor of Science from the Wharton Business School of the University of Pennsylvania and an MBA from the University of Michigan. Tracy is certified in numerous assessments, is a Certified Professional Coach (CPC), and is a University of Michigan Preferred Coach.