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Lifecycle Career Acceleration
  Jessica T. - Product Marketing
JPMorgan Chase
Leadership Impact
  Paul C. - Founder and CEO 
NYC Skyline BW
“I look forward to each and every session with Tracy. She’s been incredibly helpful in helping me define my career goals, recognize my strengths, develop my weaknesses and take active steps every day toward taking greater steps forward in my career. I’d recommend her to anyone and I find her honest, funny, empathetic approach refreshing—she fully engages in every session and imparts wisdom and useful “homework” each time we meet. And I’m looking forward to working with her further!”
  Jon W. - Creative Director Goodby Silverstein
Business Conference
"Tracy is an extraordinary guide. She is able to help you distinguish between what you want to achieve versus what you think you want to achieve ... ultimately unearthing one's true self. I highly recommend working with Tracy for all of your professional development and career transition needs."
TomY. - Media and MarketingMeta 
Business Meeting
"If you are game to stay on or pursue a new path to an enriched life, Tracy can become your best venturing partner in this journey. Tracy’s own enriched life adventure, cross-functional corporate experience and international clientele enable her to empathize, quickly grasp the core of the issues and come up with enlightened revelations. Her nuggets of good ideas and burst of energy will surely keep you inspired and gain more clarity into what matter the most to your professional and personal goals."
Susan C. - Strategic Partnerships & Sales Strategy Tablea 
Business Meeting
"unpackingthebox has been a key resource for me to take critical leaps in my career. Tracy challenges my thinking and offers great advice. At times I felt like it was career therapy."
Ronika M - Program Manager
Amazon Web Services
I am so grateful for the leadership coaching and career development work that Tracy and I have done together. It's had a significantly impact for me personally and professionally. Tracy's methodologies and approach strike the perfect balance of the formal and the personal, and the relationship of trust and support we developed was integral to me pushing toward my aspirations.

Tracy was quick and very effective at getting to the root of my professional goals (and concerns), and we developed an action plan that was ambitious yet realistic. Her input and guidance were very well-informed and expertly tailored to my needs and direction.

Reflecting on the results of our months of work together, I can easily inventory the many tangible and intangible ways her coaching has propelled me forward and helped me position myself for next-level challenges and opportunities.

I confidently and happily recommend Tracy for her leadership coaching and career development work - she'll help you move quickly and effectively toward your best self.
Gregg D. - VP of Product Management Rakuten
Glass Buildings
"I hired Tracy to help increase collaboration and communication for my remote team. Through interactive workshops and 1:1 coaching, I noticed an improvement in their engagement, empathy and ability to adapt more easily to different teammate and customer communication styles. I would definitely hire her again in any setting where engaging the team, improving communication and focusing on customer success is a priority!"
Dan N. - VP of Customer Success Marketo
Keyboard and Mouse
"I saw first-hand how Tracy helped my high-performing colleagues take their leadership and communication skills to the next level. I am now better equipped to reach my potential not just as a leader, but as a communicator and decision maker."
Blaire R. - Strategic Sourcing Manager Google
"Tracy was instrumental in helping me connect my professional vision with my personal values and strengths. She is able to draw out discoveries and associated actions that propelled me forward in my business."
​Joni P. - CEO C'est Bon Organics
Business Meeting
“I utilized Tracy’s coaching services during a recent career transition. Tracy helped prepare me for all stages of this process: creating pitch tools, interview preparation, and negotiations. She provided valuable insight and pushed me out of my comfort zone. She was not timid about telling me things I might not want to hear but needed to hear. Through this process, I obtained both the tools and personal growth I needed for a successful career transition.”
Ana G. - Marketing
A presentation at the office
"Tracy provided excellent guidance in identifying my professional strengths and improving the areas where I need improvement. Thanks to Tracy's help, I have a strong vision of where I want to go in my career. Furthermore, I can now better pitch myself to colleagues and interviewers, manage meetings, and prepare for job interviews. Looking forward to working with her again!"
Jessica T. - Director of Product Marketing
Modern City
"Tracy has been a vital resource for me to take the next steps in my career. She is very attentive to my particular situation by helping me build tools to succeed now and in the future. Her advice is always well grounded and thought out. She is very hands on and ensures that i'm progressing at all times. Thanks to her, I know understand the formula to engage, promote and sell. I look forward to working with her now and into the future!"
Jag S. - Director of Machine Learning  
Business Meeting
“Tracy has been amazing to work with. Not only has she been incredibly helpful in transforming my resume and cover letters, making me a more marketable candidate for various job opportunities, but she has also been a wonderful coach when it comes to networking and preparing for interviews. Tracy is extremely knowledgeable about what employers are looking for in prospective candidates and has done a tremendous job in guiding me in my search for a new position.”
Jeff D. -  General Partner
Courtyard Ventures
A presentation at the office
"I never thought of myself as someone who would need a career coach. I knew what my passions were, I was experienced, but in today's job market I just wasn't getting the results I was looking for. Tracy has truly changed the game for me. She's insightful, quick to give advice and has great insight into what works and what doesn't in today's tough job market. I can't recommend her highly enough."
Joann W. - VP of People Operations
Common Future
Modern City
"Tracy has been an amazing career coach, from the early stages of defining my career goals to negotiating an offer. Throughout this journey, her perspective was always spot on, thoughtful, and personal. She helped provide clarity around not only career goals, but also life goals. She pushed me in the right way to elevate my expectations. I look forward to a long partnership with Tracy."
Stephanie C. -  Director of Product Management IPSY
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