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Lifting Leaders Up

What to Expect

unpackingthebox Leadership Coaching uses a progressive coaching philosophy that is based in the principles of Positive Psychology and a core belief that leaders can improve by developing self-awareness and practicing leadership.  

Coaching is a method of directing, instructing and training an individual or group, with the aim of achieving a client generated result or developing a specific skill. A coach can hold up a mirror to see patterns and behaviors and can Lift Up even the most seasoned leaders.

Coaching is a partnership. Our partnership provides a quiet space for you to unpack the clutter and focus on You; what is important to You, what You want and how can You make your dreams a reality.  As your coach, I will show up for you each meeting, ready to focus on your agenda. Once we have established our coaching agreement, we will schedule each session in advance by phone, video, or in your offices.

Coaching helps most people, but it is not guaranteed to help everyone. In coaching, you are responsible for your own outcomes. The information provided by you during coaching will remain confidential, unless the I receive permission to share your goals and accomplishments with your organization.


 Coaching is Customized to Your Needs 

1:1 Coaching is entirely structured around the client's needs and agenda. In-person and virtual coaching sessions are rich, deep and create a safe environment for growth conversations.


Evidence Based Assessments and Appreciative Inquiry Questions are leveraged to gain a better sense of needs, goals and preferences to design a successful program.

360 Interviews using the Shift+ narrative 360 process, the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI®), Berens' Interaction Styles, Values in Action (VIA) signature strengths, and other emotional intelligence assessments help clients gain greater self awareness as a catalyst for growth.

Leadership Development Planning using the Skill Kit for Leaders (SKL) actively develops Leadership muscles that can help catapult success.

Getting into Action! We get into action. Right now. Engage your team, ask for the promotion, apply the 360 feedback, develop leadership best practices, network on Linked In, delegate to your team, lead! 

Feedback Meetings with Sponsor or client to assess progress and growth and demonstrate improvement and growth. 

Experiential Learning & Workshops to complement development and can engage your team in the process.

Completion De-Brief  to review positive outcomes and establish next steps to continue growing long after your coaching engagement has ended.



"Tracy was instrumental in helping me connect my professional vision with my personal values and strengths. She is able to draw out discoveries and associated actions that propelled me forward in my business."
Joni, CEO at C'est Bon Organics




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