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Managers & Executives

"I hired Tracy to help increase collaboration and communication for my remote team. Through interactive workshops and 1:1 coaching, I noticed an improvement in their engagement, empathy and ability to adapt more easily to different teammate and customer communication styles. I would definitely hire her again in any setting where engaging the team, improving communication and focusing on customer success is a priority!"

Dan, VP of Customer Success 

Have You Noticed Any of These Scenarios?

unpackingthebox Leadership Coaching Has Helped Companies With Similar Challenges


A manager is transitioning to a more impactful leadership role with a bigger mission

 A leader is having trouble recruiting, retaining, or developing top talent

A previously successful manager is hired and productivity and morale in the new team falls

A technical expert doesn't have practical experience in authentically engaging and mobilizing employees

A team's market is growing (or shrinking) quickly and teams have to do more with less

Gender and diversity training has highlighted internal biases that are a priority to address

A newly remote team wants to collaborate and communicate even more effectively

Competing personalities are impacting the ability to get stuff done

unpackingthebox Leadership Coaching can help leaders recognize their strengths and patterns, develop new leadership competencies and exceed challenging goals. 


Companies That Invest in Leadership Coaching

  • Report Better Financials
  • Plan Succession & Facilitate Transitions
  • Maximize Workforce Value and Contribution
  • Develop  Resilient & high EQ Leaders  
  • Improve Workplace Morale & Job Satisfaction
  • Solve Complex Problems Quicker

  • Innovate Faster & Better Together

  • Improve Diversity & Gender Sensitivity

  • Engage & Motivate Teams During Hyper-Growth

  • Improve Self-Confidence & Comfort with Customers


Let's begin with what’s right, what’s working and what to do more of and create an action plan to get to extraordinary! 

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