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🆘Please Delete This Toxic Email

Ready, Set, it’s Time for toxic new years fix-it emails to flood your inbox. Every guru in a multitude of fields - from health care to fitness to career to financial to relationship to home organization to retail to parenting - is about to email you about what you are doing wrong and how they can solve your problem!

🎉 Make this year different. Decide to press delete on anything that does not serve you. You are as thin as you were in July, as financially demoralized as you were in September, as cluttered as you were in November. But somehow, January is the month you have to fix it all. Enough!

🗺️ An alternative approach. Practice saying no. Set boundaries and find something you are already good at to improve. Close your eyes. What is one thing in your life you are really good at? Maybe it’s budgeting. Maybe it’s clearing clutter. Maybe it’s utilizing positive communication in your relationships. Maybe it’s jogging. Whichever one you love the most this January, embrace that one. Study after study shows that using your strengths is more rewarding and more effective than improving a weakness. And you can use these strengths to create better outcomes overall.

😫 But the urgency of joblessness or financial distress. The goal is not to ignore the urgent needs, the idea is to make space for them. If your strength is in organizing clutter, create a beautiful space for yourself in a room or nook of your house so that you can be at peace when you tackle updating your resume. Or embrace your exercise routine that you love so that when you get back you can rebalance your portfolio in light of the current economy. Create your goals around the thing you love and suddenly the toxicity of pretending you love resume writing for balancing your budget is no longer the resolution but a welcome side effect.

I would say my greatest strength is creating and nurturing relationships. I’ve often used this strength to network and outsource things that I don’t do well, like organizing clutter. I call upon my network of colleagues and friends to crowdsource advice or referrals that can help me learn techniques, walk me through better systems or hire it out. I can’t come up with the system but with a little company and encouragement, I can have an organized home.

❓What is your greatest strength and how can it help you reach your goals?

🆘 Happy deleting!

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