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Are you looking to develop high performing leadership behaviors in a fast-paced, "always on" culture?

Are you ready to make a change and successfully move through a career transition or challenge?


"Tracy has been a tremendous advisor to me and my team during various company challenges. Her keen ability to pinpoint the root of an issue and propose positive and realistic approaches improves future outcomes. Tracy helps us focus on what we do well, celebrate our successes and make the insurmountable seem easily remedied."

Sarah, Marketing Director at Fortune 100 Financial Services

What Can unpackingthebox Coaching

Do for You, Your Team & Your Organization?

  • Radically Improve your Communication

  • Engage A More Productive Team

  • Grow Flexible, Adaptive Leaders at Every Level

  • Embrace Diversity & Gender Sensitivity

  • Plan Succession & Facilitate Transitions

  • Prioritize and Manage Time

  • Propel Towards Growth & Innovation

  • Fuel Collaboration & Collective Action

  • Motivate Teams During Change

  • Create Environment Conducive to Progress


Tracy Akresh Stone is the Founder and a Certified Executive Coach at unpackingthebox Leadership Coaching.

She began coaching after a successful career working at companies such as Ernst & Young, JP Morgan, HP, Esurance and other startups. She has business degrees from both Wharton and the University of Michigan Business School and utilizes evidence based coaching and development tools to maximize impact. Tracy has first-hand insights about what makes a great leader and has observed that every leader, at every level of seniority and success benefits from coaching! ​


At unpackingthebox Leadership Coaching, Tracy has established a track record of creating positive outcomes with leaders and teams in marketing, finance, operations and engineering at top start-up and diverse enterprises including Google, Facebook, Amazon, Tesla, Uber, PayPal, BrightRoll, Medtronic, Stanford, and Chevron.



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