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Procrastination in the Time of Covid-19

I've been thinking a lot about how stress manifests differently in all of us. For some of us it is hoarding basic supplies, others may deny there is a problem, and yet others may wholly embrace the crisis and be immediately on the front lines creating change. Today, I spent a few hours putting together a spreadsheet and a series of charts related to the annual PTA budget for my children's school. I had been thinking about doing so for some time and today was the day. I'm not in charge of our budget, I just wanted to update it and display it visually. It was not a priority - it was procrastination. This day I was also home with my two young children - homeschooling - and managing a series of client video calls, all of which centered around helping my clients navigate the crisis and prepare for job interviews and motivate their teams while making changes to staffing, resources and expectations.

Based on my personality type of ENFP, I find spreadsheets and graphs and charts to be fun. I know. Without getting too technical, it's related to Type Development and my Third Cognitive Function of extraverted thinking. I used to believe I was good at spreadsheets because I really liked them. Until I learned that it is fun for me because it is the most childlike part of my personality. And like any childlike function, it has its limitations. It was not a good use of my time. I have a small business. I have clients to serve and new leads to follow and taxes to finish and billing to attend to. But I did this unrelated project it because it relaxed me while I am worried about what is going to happen. Is school canceled for the rest of the year? What are we going to do with all this free time and nowhere to go? What kind of recession is looming? Is my family safe and healthy? Am I capable of providing a home school where my children learn and thrive from our living room? We really can't go anywhere?

We each manage stress and procrastinate in our own unique ways. What are you doing today that is not aligned with your priorities and goals? How can you channel your energy into the projects and people you care about? How can you seize this moment to be more than you thought you could be and live transformationally to achieve more than you expected? Our world is transforming right now. Our world needs truly great leadership across companies and organizations. Are you ready?

I have experience helping clients navigate downturns and uncertainty. If you are looking to lead your team through the muck or if you are ready to make a change - contact me to set up a free consultation! I am coaching virtually and am offering all sorts of 'kids at home' discounts! I'd love to help you envision and achieve your next greatest success!

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