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The Great Resignation: Part 2 - Wear the Khakis

We already know that employers are feeling the impact of The Great Resignation and managers are scrambling to retain top talent. The next question is - what does this mean for ambitious job seekers? The Great Resignation is real, and it is coming to your job in 2022. How do you know if you are ready to make a leap?

How to Decide

It’s Monday morning and you are back at your desk after a week or two away.

Close your eyes.

  • Are you smiling?

  • Are you happy? If so, is it “break from the family happy” or truly happy?

  • Excited to complete your life’s work?

  • Motivated to collaborate with your team?

  • Drawn to getting back into FLOW, solving complex and interesting problems?

Early Monday morning is where Great Resignation ideas are born. This moment of reckoning has happened to many of your peers over the past two years. If you have answered no to any of the above questions, you too may be a recent recruit into the Great Resignation.

Now what?

Here are my tips:

1. Discover and Imagine: If you could do anything and money wasn’t an issue and you couldn't fail - what would you do? The reason this question is so powerful is because you already know what you would do. Even if your dream is not practical because money and risks are real, it still allows you to dissect what it is about the dream that’s driving you. For example, if you really want to play to a sold out audience at Madison Square Garden, then you might want to rethink your back-office job in favor of a role out front in sales/marketing or maybe customer service.

2. Test: The sage advice to the lawyer who wants to write the Great American novel is to start and write a short story. If you are changing careers, test it out. Before I opened my coaching practice, I coached a short list of clients and charged a small fee to see what it would feel like and to see if I loved it as much as I dreamed I would (fast fact: I did!).

3. Prepare: Create a timeline. Finding a new job can take 3-6 months (or longer, the higher the level you are). Do you leave your current job before you have a new one? What budget do you need to make that happen? If you are staying at your current job, how can you prioritize and carve out time every day to look towards the future? What research do you need to do about your new role and what it means to succeed in that role? Figure out what makes you unique and what strengths you bring to an organization. What if you want to join a startup or go out on your own?

4. Action: You are now ready to create your marketing package. Resumé, cover letter, LinkedIn and thank you notes are just some of the channels that you have in order to reach new opportunities. Start to network with a specific “ask”. Look at your network and see who may be able to help you and ask for referrals. Apply to roles that are a great fit.

It’s Really Hard to Do This Alone

Did I lose you by #2 above? Hire a coach – Don’t go it alone. Let your coach guide you through the process of discovery, testing, preparation and action.

I am offering December pricing through January before prices go up in February! I offer three- and six-month packages that propel you towards getting that dream job or making your current job dreamier! Set up your free consultation to get moving!

I can help you to discover and achieve your dream job or help you to transform your current role into something that you can believe in again.

Set up your express coaching zoom or phone call or simply contact me at to set up a free consultation! I coach virtually and locally in the San Francisco Bay Area in-person using outdoor venues. 2022 is a year of transition and growth. I'd love to help you envision and achieve your next great success!

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