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Zoom Styles Part 2 - What's Your Zoom Style?

Want to be more effective (and happier) while working remotely? I've elaborated on Zoom Styles!

Many of us have been working on zoom for going on 9 months and some cracks are starting to show. Some of us have entirely new business connections, teammates, or even new jobs without meeting in-person. There often is more frustration and miscommunication when you're ONLY online.

Fortunately, it turns out that many of the same issues that occur on zoom also occur in face to face communication! And there are many tools and models that we already have that can help us better understand and reach our teammates. So I have adapted what we already know about how we communicate and how we interact with each other face to face, and applied it to how we work on zoom. As a followup to my blog post earlier this year, I presented Zoom Styles for a group at the University of Michigan. What Style is your remote team?

If you are looking to better manage or participate in a remote team or if you need help navigating the new normal at work - contact me at to set up a free consultation! I am coaching virtually and offering 'Zoom' discounts! I'd love to help you achieve your goals and be happier working remotely!

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