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Succeeding during Uncertainty

I’ve been trying to reconcile the onslaught of the most recent posts I’ve seen on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is not Twitter/Facebook and many users try to stay professional and moderate. But the vitriol seems to be building. I saw one user threaten to burn down someone’s career by sharing widely a particularly incensed post. Nothing is private. We cannot pretend that separation of professional and personal exists anymore than separation of church and state. If all bets are now off, where do we go from here and how to you keep your career moving forward through the muck.

Addressing Healthcare Rights

The right to an abortion is about healthcare and human rights not about sex. 50% of the population has been stripped of a healthcare choice and the other 50% will be impacted down the road one way or another. Employees are impacted which means these rights are an office appropriate issue. It’s been amazing to see employers posting about covering this important health cost!

Celebrate July 4th

I’ve read half a dozen posts today about the signers of the declaration of independence and how many of their lives were destroyed because they signed. It was clearly a very bold and unique moment in American history. But the highlight of this post was they weren’t ruffians and scoundrels, but wealthy, white men just like us. Uh. It is possible to celebrate the enormity of creating a nation built on liberty and fight to reconcile the contradictions.

The Stock Market Crash

The vitriol of the last 7 years or so has been under this safe umbrella of one of the greatest bull markets of all time. From Coinbase to Gamestop, more people than ever were able to benefit while simultaneously the economic gap widened between the have and have-nots. Is it safe to say that human behavior will not improve when the market is in a downspin? And introducing stagflation - the economic state where both unemployment and inflation exist side by side. Only time will tell if we get there, but the job market is changing.

Managing Your Career

On this Independence Day holiday, LinkedIn is crowded with conflicting ideas and obstacles every way we turn. And the market is probably going to get worse before it gets better. Are you prepared to take the steps you need to manage your career and continue to succeed in a very different market? I focus on helping business leaders in tech manage their careers by cultivating empathy, improving strengths and implementing strategies to motivate stressed-out teams. Please reach out and let me know if I can help you keep your eye on the prize and manage your career through the downturn and stay ahead of the noise.

I am offering a free Career BOOST coaching session that will provide tools for you to get what you want so you can continue to move up (or move on!). Use the link below ⬇️ to schedule your FREE Career Acceleration Session ⬇️

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